Participation in the 2012 LTER All Science Meeting

Some of us met for a two hour workshop at the LTER All Science Meeting last September. The first part of the workshop was used to present the latest advances in the project (i.e., the paper submitted to BioSicence entitled “Trends in Stream Nitrogen Concentrations for Forested Reference Catchments across the USA”, progress on the second of the papers planned -“Characterizing Variability of Stream Chemistry at Forested Catchments-Applicability to Development of Numeric Nutrient Criteria”-, and new features in the StreamChem database).  During the second part of the workshop we discussed the next steps of the project and the objectives for the next planned papers: "Biogeochemical Responses to Disturbances in Long-Term Watersheds” and “Best Approaches for Calculating Stream Solute Fluxes across a Suite of Hydrological Regimes”. You can find the final report of the working group below.